The Bride and Groom

How We Met And About Us

Pete and I had first started talking February 9th of 2016 on an online dating site. Just so happened that he is an avid Toronto Maple Leaf fan and Phaneuf had been traded that day. With the assistance of my friend Jenn, she is an avid hockey fan too, she sparked up a conversation with him about Phaneuf and guided me forward with some responses. From that first conversation on, I knew Pete was someone special and I had those butterflies in my stomach.  

I had to work that night, but we talked on and off throughout my shift, our conversations just seemed to keep flowing. The girls at work knew this was something special because I was ‘just different’ with him. Our conversations progressed each day and we decided to meet at a local Tim Hortons February 13th, to just talk and see how we jived face to face.  

Let me tell you, when I first seen him, my first response was “wow that is such an old man shirt and those are some nice shiny white shoes” …... I had to stop and look past the attire (he was obviously trying to look ‘nice’ for me). We had some awkward moments (who wouldn’t in the middle of a Tim Hortons) but I found that we really did mesh together in person too, we kept the conversation going and when I left that day, I was anxiously waiting for him to text me back so I could figure out when I could see him again!  

Our first date, wow was he a sweet man.  We talked for a couple hours that night at Montana’s, then we decided to go for a drive (looking back, maybe this wasn’t the safest option), but it was lovely, we talked the whole time, and he even let me control the music list (sorry love, that was your first mistake….. now I control the music ALL the time!!). We shared our first kiss in the Montana's parking lot.

Fast forward to the present, Pete has literally swept me off my feet, I have never met someone as nice, charming and someone who “just fits with me” before. He honestly would give the world if it made me happy, he knows what to say when I am down and he knows when to be stubborn when I really, just want some ice-cream!! I like to think of ourselves as the other half that was meant to be for each other. 

A lot has changed over this last year, I moved in with him, I finally found my dream man, and dream job, we have 3 lovely (most of the time) dogs that keep us laughing each day. We have bought a house together in Belleville, we survived the renovations (special thanks to our family), and now we are looking forward to starting the rest of our lives together as husband and wife!


The Proposal

I choose to propose to Alyssa because I knew she is the one I wanted to be with the rest of my life. That I could not ever give my heart to anyone one else. I wanted to make the proposal a unique and catch her off guard…. Because we know pulling off surprises with Alyssa is very hard to do…. she is too inquisitive, and she almost caught me!

Since we both love playing with our niece and nephew (Noah and Brealynn) I wanted to make them part of it (and Alyssa wouldn’t be thinking anything was going to happen...) I enlisted the help of my sister in law Tasha to help make a sign up “Will You Marry Our Uncle Pete?”

I had asked Alyssa to help me move the vehicles (we had just arrived at the camp ground for the weekend) …. again…. Alyssa inquisitive, I wanted to say "stop asking questions… just help me move Tasha’s car!"

Alyssa being the nice person she is, we had come across the owner and had asked him to come out to the camp site to look at the hook up for the trailer…. (great because I wasn’t nervous already now she was prolonging it).

After the owner left, I knew it was time to catch her off guard. My brother and his wife, along with the kids had told Alyssa and I “the kids wanted to show us something they have made at daycare that week”, while Alyssa was reading the sign they had made, I was down on one knee anxiously waiting to ask her they very important question and wait for her answer.

When Alyssa said yes, it was the best moment in my life. She had made me the happiest guy ever!!!

“When I first met Alyssa in person. I was hooked on those beautiful blue eyes and her gorgeous smile. We hit it off right from the start. From the moment we first met, to our first kiss to now, I never had felt so strong for someone. I knew she was the one, with her kindness and intelligence and her sense of humor, I fell hard in love with her. She is truly amazing. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with her.”