It is crazy to think that Alyssa and I have known each other for about ten years. Alyssa and I both met in our first year of university- she was my first friend that I made. We lived together in residence on the same floor and then happened to be in our first clinical rotation together. We clearly could not get enough of each other and decided to move in together in second year.

From there we went our separate ways and both moved back to our original hometowns- but I would be lucky when she would come to Belleville to accept a job. Never would think my roommate would come back this way.

I also never would have thought after a few glasses of wine and a quick history lesson about Toronto’s beloved hockey team- that Alyssa would meet her future husband and I could not be more happy it all transpired in my kitchen 😉

Alyssa has been one of my biggest supporters (one of the few that understand my crazy dog mom issues) especially these last few years. I am forever grateful that she is part of my life- more than she will ever realize.

I could not be more excited for Pete and Alyssa- and cannot wait to be part of their special day- it is a huge honour.