Alyssa and I met at Trent University, where we both attended nursing school. We tried to remember the exact moment we met for the first time.. but neither of us can remember it. I’m sure it was a memorable first meeting, but nursing school takes over your brain and memory capacity so we’ll blame it on that! Meeting at university is of course an interesting time in our lives, in a time of major transition and major life changes. I’m so thankful that Alyssa made the choice to go to a university so far away from her home, and so close to mine. I’m glad I chose to live at home and commute to the closest university to me.. otherwise I wouldn’t have her in my life!

Much of the first few years of our friendship was made up of study dates, course work and editing each others papers. But we did manage to have fun from time to time.. but you’ll have to wait for the wedding to hear about that stuff ??

I’m so proud of Alyssa for all the leaps she has taken over the years and that I’ve been here to cheer her on and support her. So happy that her leap and choice to move to Belleville helped her to find the man of her dreams and lead her to happiness.

So thankful that such an amazing person came into my life almost 10 years ago. Alyssa has helped me through so much and I don’t think I would be where I am today without her!