Alyssa and I met when were in those awkward teenager high school years. We actually rowed together but I think it was just a good excuse to hang out together and eat a ton of junk food for breakfast. During class we would pass elaborate notes to each other, mostly about hockey players and Ice Dogs games.

After high school, we both became nurses but at different schools and in between studying for exams, we did a lot of dancing to country music. I think the best part about our friendship is throughout all these times, we grew up together into the people we are today. Some of the best memories are from random birthdays and celebrations where we danced our feet off. Thirteen years later, you know you have a best friend when you can go periods of time without talking and come back like no time has passed. I’m so excited for Alyssa to begin this chapter of her life with Pete. I remember way back in high school and undergrad when Alyssa talked about her dream wedding and now it’s finally here and I am incredibly excited to be able to share this special day with her and the man of her dreams!!